Create a New Queue

To create a new queue, make an HTTP POST request to the Queues resource.


$client = new Services_Twilio('AC123', '123');
// Default MaxSize is 100. Or change it by adding a parameter, like so
$queue = $client->account->queues->create('First Queue',
    array('MaxSize' => 10));

print $queue->sid;
print $queue->friendly_name;

Listing Queues

It’s easy to iterate over your list of queues.

$client = new Services_Twilio('AC123', '123');
foreach ($client->account->queues as $queue) {
    echo $queue->sid;

Deleting Queues

$client = new Services_Twilio('AC123', '123');
$queue_sid = 'QQ123';

Retrieve the Member at the Front of a Queue

The Members class has a method called front which can be used to retrieve the member at the front of the queue.

$client = new Services_Twilio('AC123', '123');
$queue = $client->account->queues->get('QQ123');
$firstMember = $queue->members->front();
echo $firstMember->position;
echo $firstMember->call_sid;