TaskRouter logs Events for each state change in the Workspace for the purpose of historical reporting and auditing. TaskRouter will also make an HTTP request containing the Event details to the Workspace’s EventCallbackURL each time one these Events takes place.

Get an Event

You can get details on a specific event by doing the following:

require 'Services/Twilio.php';

$accountSid = 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_SID';
$authToken = 'YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN';
$workspaceSid = 'YOUR_WORKSPACE_SID';

$eventSid = 'YOUR_EVENT_SID';

// instantiate a Twilio TaskRouter Client
$taskrouterClient = new TaskRouter_Services_Twilio($accountSid, $authToken, $workspaceSid);

// fetch workspace statistics
$event = taskrouterClient->workspace->events->get($eventSid);

Get a List of all Events

You can also loop through the list of all events in a workspace.

foreach($taskrouterClient->workspace->events as $event)
        echo $event->sid;