Workers represent an entity that is able to perform tasks, such as an agent working in a call center, or a salesperson handling leads.

Creating a Worker

require 'Services/Twilio.php';

$accountSid = 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_SID';
$authToken = 'YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN';
$workspaceSid = 'YOUR_WORKSPACE_SID';

// instantiate a Twilio TaskRouter Client
$taskrouterClient = new TaskRouter_Services_Twilio($accountSid, $authToken, $workspaceSid);

// set worker parameters
$friendlyName = 'Bob';
$activitySid = 'YOUR_ACTIVITY_SID';
$workerAttributes = '{"languages":"fr"}';

$worker = $taskrouterClient->workspace->workers->create(
                'Attributes' => $workerAttributes,
                'ActivitySid' => $idleActivitySid

// confirm worker created
echo "Created Worker: ".$worker.sid;

Updating a Worker

This update changes the worker above to now be able to handle additional tasks, specfically, tasks that have a language attribute = “sv”.

$workerSid = 'YOUR_WORKER_SID';

// set updated worker parameters
$updatedWorkerAttributes = '{"language": ["fr", "sv"]}';

// update worker
                'Attributes' => $updatedWorkerAttributes

echo 'Updated Worker: '.$workerSid;

Deleting a Worker

$workerSid = 'YOUR_WORKER_SID';


echo 'Deleted Worker: '.$workerSid;

Get a List of all Workers

foreach($taskrouterClient->workspace->workers as $worker)
        echo $worker->sid;