A Workspace is a container for your Tasks, Workers, TaskQueues, Workflows and Activities. Each of these items exists within a single Workspace and will not be shared across Workspaces.

Creating a Workspace

require 'Services/Twilio.php';

// set account parameters
$accountSid = 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_SID';
$authToken = 'YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN';

// instantiate a Twilio TaskRouter Client
$taskrouterClient = new TaskRouter_Services_Twilio($accountSid, $authToken, null);

// create a workspace
$workspace = $taskrouterClient->createWorkspace(
        $accountSid,            // AccountSid
        $authToken,             // AuthToken
        $friendlyName           // name for workspace

// confirm workspace created
echo 'Created Workspace: '.$workspace->sid;

Updating a Workspace

This update below alters the workspace to a new FriendlyName and EventCallbackUrl.

$workspaceSid = 'YOUR_WORKSPACE_SID';

$taskrouterClient = new TaskRouter_Services_Twilio($accountSid, $authToken, $workspaceSid);

// updated workspace parameters
$updatedFriendlyName = 'My Updated Workspace';
$updatedEventCallbackUrl = '';

// update workspace
                'FriendlyName' => $updatedFriendlyName,
                'EventCallbackUrl' => $updatedEventCallbackUrl

echo 'Updated Workspace: '.$workspaceSid;

Deleting a Workspace

$workspaceSid = 'YOUR_WORKSPACE_SID';


echo 'Deleted Workspace: '.$workspaceSid;

Get a List of all Workspaces

foreach($taskrouterClient->workspaces as $workspace)
        echo $workspace->sid;